David Gluck's Blog "Painting Stuff To Look Like Stuff"

This blog started off as an inside joke between Katherine Stone and David Gluck.  They found that they were explaining to people, neighbours, other artists, random friends of friends who wanted them to do a painting for them (but in the style of Monet, because that’ll cost less, right?) And that their art style was realistic, you know, exactly the way things looked.  They paint stuff to look like the stuff, it was supposed to look like.

They got going with the blog as a way to keep their family and friends apprised of their doings.  They were falling out of touch with people because they were locking themselves up in their studios so much, and it was a big time commitment to email people photos of what they were working on. So this blog was born out of necessity and tongue in cheek.

Enter “Painting Stuff To Look Like Stuff” Blog

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