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Vancouver Island Vanisle Tattoo Artist Duncan

Due to the large number of requests he receives, David can not take on all tattoo projects.  David does not prioritize coverups or reworks unless it is part of a larger project or has had previous laser treatment. Current wait time is approximately 7-9 months for new tattoo clients.  Hourly rate is 190 hr (including tax)  with a minimum of 4.5 hrs a day for booking times unless discussed prior.


Please include information on what exact subject matter you would like, approximate size, placement, and budget.  


All consults are done via phone prior to any bookings, with the intention of having a better understanding of the project for all involved .  Wait time for consults are fairly minimal and come at no cost.  David is unable to do in person consults.




A deposit is required for all bookings, which is applied to the cost of the final session of the tattoo.  All deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable and are rendered forfeit under the following circumstances;  5 days of notice are not given prior to a cancellation or re-booking, extreme tardiness, the agreed upon idea for the tattoo is altered significantly, the client does not take proper skin care (ie sunburns) prior to tattoo, and/or 2 or more re-scheduled  appointments.  All re-bookings due to a cancellation have to be rescheduled within 30 days or the deposit is forfeit.  If a client does not show for their appointment without giving any prior notice or cancels the same day of their appointment, they will be invoiced for half of their scheduled tattoo time. 




Design Fees are non-refundable and are not applied to the final cost of the tattoo.  The design fee only covers the first draft of the design with  minor changes .  It should be understood that although a client may have a specific vision, some decisions will be left to the artist, be it for aesthetic or longevity reasons.   It is understood that the client has chosen their artist after careful research, and trust in their process.




It is understood that the tattoo process can be complicated and varies from person to person, that skin is an unpredictable variable, or that some projects may take longer or need second passes. Clients should be aware that they should show up prepared for the day of the tattoo, having properly slept and eaten beforehand.  Clients are expected to follow aftercare instructions for their tattoo.

David Gluck maintains the right to terminate a client/artist relationship for whatever reason it deems necessary including but not limited to; repeated cancellations, inappropriate client behaviour, and/or any no call/no shows.  In addition the artists will not tolerate any abuse or harassment of any kind.


Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, David Gluck currently resides in Duncan, BC, Canada, with his wife Katherine Stone where he works as a full time Painter and Tattoo artist. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education from Penn State University in 2006, following which he immigrated to Canada to continue his career as an artist.

David currently divides him time between fine art oil painting and tattooing in Duncan.  Recently David has opened a tattoo studio with his wife and fellow tattooer in Cowichan Bay.

David is currently exhibiting with:

Richard J. Demato Arts Gallery (RJD Gallery)

227 N. Main Street

Romeo MI, 48065


T.H. Brennen Fine Art

7150 E. Main Street

Scottsdale AZ, 85251


Vancouver Island Tattoos Tattoo Duncan British Columbi

David is the recipient of the esteemed Bouguereau Award from the ARC, a member of ACOPAL, and a multi-award winning artist in the Portrait Society of America. A comprehensive list of David's awards and exhibitions can be found below.



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